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Defensive Line Leathers now offers both OWB (outside the waistband) and IWB (Inside the Waistband)  Holsters. Our  OWB holsters are  the "Avenger", "Pancake" ,"Snapper" and "Avolto". Our IWB holsters are the "Segreto I" and the New "3-D" 3 in One IWB/OWB/Pancake convertible holster. (more styles in development) We welcome any questions or suggestions about our products.

Custom Pancake Glock 19 Gen 4
Black Body w/ Expanded Reinforcement & Muzzle Shield in Black Shark

3D (3 in 1) Convertible IWB/OWB/Pancake Holster R/H for a Sig P938
Rust Elephant w/ Sweatshield and Standard Black Back

3D (3in1) Convertible IWB/OWB/Pancake RH Government 1911
Medium Brown Fade with Muzzle Shield

3D (3 in 1) Convertible IWB/OWB/Pancake Holster RH for an H&K P30
Medium Brown Fade with Black Reinforcement and Sweatshield

Avolto (Pancake w/ hidden loops) R/H for a G35
Full Face Black Shark Skin

Custom Avenger (Hidden Loop)  R/H For a Sig P938
Upgraded Full Face Black Shark Skin

Pancake OWB R/H  Full Size 1911
Cordovan with optional muzzle shield
NEW "3-D" 3 in One IWB/OWB/ Pancake Holster
***see New Offerings Page***
Snapper OWB R/H Sig P938
                                           Black W/ Thumb Break

Pancake R/H  Commander 1911
                         Light Brown Body W/ Black Reinforcement
Snapper R/H  Government 1911
                                      Cordovan / Standard Materials
Pancake OWB (RH) Glock 19
Medium Brown W/ Black Sharkskin Expanded Reinforcement
"Monster" 2 layer CCW Belt Medium Brown

Pancake OWB (RH) Sig 1911 Ultra Compact
Cordovan Body W/ Expanded Tooled Basketweave Reinforcement
Light Brown - Antiqued
Avenger OWB (R/H)  Officer 3" 1911
Black with Python Reinforcement

Pancake OWB (L/H) - Sig P220 Carry
        Medium Brown w/ Black Sharkskin Reinforcement & Sweat-shield

Snapper OWB  S&W M&P Shield
Without Sweat-shield - Medium Brown Fade
Enclosed Segreto I IWB  Glock G26Light Brown Body w/ Black Straps and                                                    Reinforcement

Snapper OWB H&K P7M8
Medium Brown Body w/ Dark Brown Ostrich Straps, reinforcements
Snapper OWB Luger P-08
                       Full Face Black Elephant w/ Shield PTD snaps
Segreto I IWB Sig P226
               Black Body w/ Black Crocodile Reinforcement - Straps
Pancake OWB Glock 19
Medium Brown Body / Dark Brown Ostrich
Segreto I IWB Commander 1911
     Medium Brown Body / Black Nile Crocodile Reinforcement / Shield


"Avolto" OWB Holster (Hidden Loops) Sig P220R Carry
              Upgraded Full Elephant front (Black) & sweat-shield (back)
     No reinforcement

Segreto I IWB Holster S&W M&P Shield
Med. Brown  Body / Reinforcement, PTD Snaps

Segreto I IWB  Holster Glock 30
Upgraded  Elephant Reinforcement (Rust-Burgundy/Black) on Black                                                                   Body

Pancake OWB Holster H&K P30
Upgraded Elephant Overlay on Expanded Reinforcement  (Bone/Black) on Black Body

Pancake OWB RH 1911 Full Size
        Medium Brown Body w/ Upgraded Elephant on Expanded                                Reinforcement  (Bone/Black)
Pancake OWB Holster S&W M&P 9mm
     Single Magazine Pouch

  "Double Cross" RH OWB crossdraw holster Taurus .380 ACP  Revolver                 Black w/ Reinforced Thumb-snap 

Pancake OWB Holster Springfield XDs 45
                       Black with no Sweat-Shield / no Reinforcement

Double Stitched for Added Strength

Snapper OWB Holster Colt Commander
              Black Shark Skin Expanded  Reinforcement w/ Light Brown Body

Snapper OWB Holster Browning HiPower

Rear view Snapper (Hi Power)

Avenger OWB Holster S/A XDS 45
Black Shark Skin Reinforcement w/ Lt. Brown Body

Snapper OWB Holster Sig P938

Avenger OWB Holster 4" 1911
 Black  NIle  Crocodile Expanded Reinforcement Holster and Mag Pouch 

Snapper  w/ Thumb-snap OWB Holster Sig P239
Black Hand Tooled Basket-Weave

Pancake OWB No Reinforcement Sig P229 / Black
"Monster" CCW Belt Double Layer Glued and Stitched / Black

Snapper OWB w/ Shield Colt Officer
Medium Brown w/ Black Nile Crocodile  Expanded Reinforcement

Snapper OWB w/ shield Colt Commander

Snapper OWB w/ shield Sig P239 Medium Brown
           Black Nile Crocodile Mag pouch and Expanded Holster                                           Reinforcement
Avenger OWB Holster Sig P938
      Black Reinforcement/ Black Body
Avenger OWB Holster  Sig SP2022
                    Black Shark Skin Expanded Reinforcement w/ Cordovan Body
Snapper OWB w/ Sweat Shield and Thumb-snap Glock 19

Pancake OWB Holster G;ock 26 9MM
Cordovan Stiffener/Body

Backside Pancake Holster
Avenger OWB Holster Sig P239 9MM
Black Reinforcement /Body
Pancake w/ Tooled Reinforcement
                                                      Black / Black
Backside Pancake Holster

Pancake OWB w/ Thumb Snap Sig P229R
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