Welcome to Defensive Line Leathers

How to Purchase

If you are interested in purchasing a DLL Product,  please email me directly at: tim@defensivelineleathers.com 
and place the following items in the correspondence:
1. Holster Style
2. Right Hand or Left hand
3. Exact type of handgun (Barrel Length also)
4. Color
5. With sweat-shield or without sweat-shield
6. With Reinforcement or without Reinforcement
7. If with Reinforcement: Standard or Expanded (larger)
8.  Standard Leather on reinforcement or upgraded                  material
9. Standard #24 Nickel or Black snaps or "Pull the                    Dot" #24 Nickel or Black snaps. (when needed)
10. Belt width (for slots or loops)
11. With or without Muzzle Shield (optional $5.00)

                      or call me at: (440) 522-8410

Defensive Line Leathers builds each holster as a special order. To insure client satisfaction we like to correspond about each and every item wanted. There are many variables for styles, and we want to make sure the client receives exactly what they want.

I  appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.  
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